September 24, 2018

Software focused on finding products for exhibit and outreach to elementary school.

September 28,2018

Software focused on designing the program and creating safety cards.

October 1,2018

Software checked simulink, checked the robot code, finished jumper, set up unity, and creating dead bands.

October 6,2018

Software worked on the robot code and the documentation of github.

October 8,2018

Software helped the other departments.

October 10,2018

Software helped other departments

October 12,2018

Software tested the robot codes.

October 13,2018

Software worked on the unity simulation.

October 22,2018

The team had a celebration today.

October 26,2018

Today software worked on re-organising the closet, unity simulations, simulink, and code comments.

October 27,2018

Today software worked on the unity simulations and re-organizing the closet.

October 29,2018

Today software reviewed the notebook and worked on the unity game.

November 2,2018

Today software worked on the unity game, control chart, the robot code, and robot code commenting.

November 3,2018

Software didn’t have much to do so they were not here.

November 5,2018

Today software worked on simulink and creating a graphic for the bike information.

November 9,2018

Today software worked on the simulink presentation.