Safety is our number one priority. We take many steps to make sure that the entire team is protected. First, we have safety glasses. This prevents dangerous materials from getting into our eyes. We also have safety cards. Safety cards allow you to use our tools and machines. In order to receive a card, you must receive a 100% on a safety test that our mentors have created. In addition to safety cards, you must ask a mentor for permission in order to use a machine. That way, if the mentor feels that the tool is not fit to do the job at hand, the mentor will be able to use a safer, more efficient tool. Among safety with equipment, during the regional competition each mentor will have a group of kids that they are in charge of. At least twice a day, the mentors will send out a group text asking where they are. Along with this, each student must ask to go somewhere. At night, the student rooms will have a piece of tape on the outside of the door, so that mentors will know if they leave.