September 24, 2018

Robot focused on building and testing prototypes.

September 28,2018

Robot worked on a battery charger housing, designing the robot base, arm, claw, and worked on the alternators

September 29,2018

Robot today worked on building the battery housing, prototyping wheels, and cutting out the main chassis and rail systems.

October 1,2018

Robot focused on making a latch, finalizing the prototyping, working on the mount, and prototyping the arms.

October 6,2018

Robot worked on the latch, the claw, the robot arm, the alternator mount, and finalizing the opening mechanism.

October 10,2018

Robot worked on the claw and arm.

October 12,2018

Robot worked on CAD, the robot arm, and finalizing the claw.

October 13,2018

Robot worked on spotter and driver practice and finalizing the claw.

October 22,2018

Today there was a team celebration.

October 26,2018

Today robot focused on planning and prototyping the claw

October 27

Today robot worked on planning and prototyping the claw.

October 29,2018

Today robot focused on making the robot being functional for the open house and the claw.

November 2,2018

Today robot focused on designing and reconstructing the latches, prototyping the claw, finalizing the arm plans, and disassembling the robot.

November 3,2018

Today robot work on constructing most of the arm, making progress on the base, making the final claw designs, latches and wheels.

November 5,2018

Today robot worked on the arm mount, base assembly, and roller assembly.

November 9,2018

Today robot worked on verifying a AC/DC converter, finished a mount assembly, worked on the arms functionality, and prototyped the collection box.