September 24, 2018

Marketing focused on building a turtle mascot, making a material list for exhibit, making a fundraising poster, and fished profiles for website.

September 28,2018

Marketing focused on working on presentation, working on the blogs, and creating the safety check for exhibit.

September 29,2018

Marketing worked on presentation, working on exhibit and the alternator, and improved outreach.

October 1,2018

Marketing worked on exhibit and the presentation.

October 6,2018

Marketing focused on exhibit and presentation.

October 10,2018

Marketing worked on spirit, practicing presentation, and exhibit.

October 12,2018

Marketing practiced the presentation and worked on spirit.

October 13,2018

Marketing worked on the mascot.

October 22,2018

Today there was a team celebration

October 26,2018

Today marketing revised the scoresheets, re-designed the exhibit, edited offensive and defensive arguments, and worked on the presentation.

October 27

Today marketing worked on refining ideas and designs for exhibit, started a little construction on exhibit, brainstormed, and worked on presentation.

October 29,2018

Today marketing worked on presentation, exhibit planning and content, and the dinghy.

November 2,2018

Today marketing worked on the presentation and hats for spirit.

November 3,2018

Today marketing made progress on exhibit and worked on getting donations for funding

November 5,2018

Today marketing worked on presentation, finalizing open house information and exhibit content.

November 9,2018

Today marketing worked on spirit, presentation, and exhibit.