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BEST Robotics provides all the materials to build a robot, but we still have to build an exhibit, feed a team, and get our team to local and regional competitions. All donations are 100% tax deductible, and fully support & benefit the students. We will send you a thank you letter with our 501(c)3 tax ID upon receipt of your donation.

Please Donate and Help the Team!

Our 2017 goal is to raise $5,000.

Help us reach it!

Donate Funds

While the parts to build the robot are provided for free by our hub, Front Range BEST, we still need to raise funds in order to build a competition game field, our exhibit, as well as fund our team’s travel to Regionals.

This year, because STEM Academy is growing too, we need storage shelves and containers to better organize our team materials. Every penny helps!

Visit to donate now.

Donate Materials

We will gladly take materials in lieu of money. As our requirements become known, we’ll update the list, but we can ALWAYS use:

3/4” plywood, 2×4 lumber, PVC pipe ½” to 1” in diameter, cardboard sheets or boxes, nails, screws, bolts and nuts of any kind, wood glue, epoxy, paint (blue and gold are most helpful), electrical tape, duct tape, blue painters tape, and AA batteries.

Contact Nikki Baird (Team Coach) at:

Become A Sponsor

Help our team reach its goals. Sponsors who donate time or materials will be acknowledged on our website, in our team presentation, on our exhibit, our team T-shirts.

Sponsors who donate $500 or more will also have their logo laser-engraved directly onto the robot, and will receive a thank you plaque at the end of the season presented by our team members. We can’t go where we aspire without your help!

Interested in sponsoring Stem Best Robotics? Visit our sponsors page.

Our 2017 Sponsors

We would like to Thank our Sponsors for their generosity and support!