BEST has challenged us to create a robot that is able to “farm”. Our robot should be able to pick and water corn, plant seeds, harvest lettuce, pick tomatoes, and corral pigs. The completion of each task awards us a specific amount of points. While all tasks are worth points, some tasks are worth than the others. Picking corn and delivering it to a hopper is worth 20 points. Picking tomatoes and bringing them to a farm stand is also worth 20 points. On the lesser side of points, planting seeds and corralling pigs into their pen are worth 10 points. Turning on the water gives us 50-100 points, based on whether or not we over or under water our corn. Also, gathering lettuce into the farm stand gives us 15 points. We get three minutes to put the strategy of what to go after to the test and get as many points as we can. There are also bonuses depending on different combinations of tasks completed. Two of these bonuses are for every 1 corn and 1 seed harvested and planted, we earn an extra 30 points and for every one lettuce, corn, and tomato, we earn an extra 50 points.

Take a look at the game field and its setup as well as many of our game elements: